“It would be a wonderful day when the need for drug prevention programs are no longer necessary. Until that day, our region is fortunate to have a district attorney committed to the fight, who is paying more than just lip service to the cause.”
(Lynn Item 1/27/06)



“Over the years, we have tried a number of approaches to bringing the fraud fight into focus. This effort in Essex County has been the first we can claim as a major success, and it is largely due to D.A. Blodgett’s ability to recognize the problem, the degree of impact it has on the citizens and the commitment of the Office to address insurance fraud successfully through criminal prosecution.” Daniel Johnston, Insurance Fraud Bureau of Massachusetts. Read more..



“When that is accomplished - and we have little doubt that it will be given Blodgett’s determination and proven competence - it will have the immediate impact of taking a lot of gang-bangers off our streets....
District Attorney Blodgett is to be commended for giving our city this innovative tool to combat gang violence.” (Lynn Item 2/26/06)
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